About us

Welcome to our website.
Shop “Traditions” offers a wide range of religious clothing and folk costumes.
Our team is working carefully and captiously on canonical range to offer you the best choice. Priest’s garments – an integral part of the Holy Liturgy, which gives us an extraordinary respect to Church relics, and lifts our thoughts to mysterious and spiritual. Unlike usual, these garments are of particular shape, quality fabrics and mandatory imprint of the cross. The range of fabrics from which our products made is very wide: Greek, Ukrainian, Russian, Slovak and many others. As to crosses, we offer about seventy types of hand-made embroidery of crosses, with different decorations, to which can be also added your own ideas.
Vyshyvanka – traditional Ukrainian garment which is in demand for centuries and even in today’s world of clothes variety, it plays a significant role. Over ten years we have been successfully working in Ukraine combining modernity and traditions. Most demanding supporters of Ukrainian traditions will be able to update their wardrobes with our products, or to buy an exquisite gift for their loved ones and friends.