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The “Tradition” store offers a variety of church clothes and Ukrainian folk costumes.

The staff of our shop is working diligently and thoroughly on the creation of church garments to present you the best. Priest’s clothes are a color of the Holy Liturgy and an inseparable part of it, because the priest’s outfit is the face of the church; it must call the parishioners the purity of thoughts, respect for the holy places of the Church, raise the thoughts of man to the secret, filling the spiritual purity of each. Compared with the custom – church clothing has a definite form, high quality fabric and a mandatory cross image.

Church clothes presented by the “Tradition” store can be made from fabrics from the best producers: Greek, Ukrainian, Russian, Slovak, and others. To reproduce the image of the cross, we will offer for you over seventy kinds of various cross-fingers with a variety of decorations, besides, you can independently offer your ideas and work together with our specialists to create a unique form of church clothing.

Embroidered shirt is a traditional Ukrainian clothing, whose popularity has been gaining momentum in recent years. The masters, in each embroidered shirt, make elements of modernity and harmony, refinement and Ukrainian hospitality, youth style and old chic.

The staff of the “Tradition” shop has been working on Ukrainian national clothes for more than ten years, combining modernity and traditions.

Visit our store and you will find for ourselves or for our relatives unique embroidered shirt, elegant lace, decorated napkins, modern towels and other handicrafts by our craftsmen.

“Tradition” store is Ukrainian hospitality, sincerity and refinement!