Ukrainians are people with history


In preserving the identity of any people or ethnic group, the traditions, cultivated for centuries and carefully passed on by our ancestors, play a very important role. Ukrainians are people with a complicated history, multifaceted culture and, as a result, the intricacies of the diverse habits, rituals and traditions that were reflected in folk art and everyday life.

Preservation of cultural values ​​and achievements of ancestors and their transfer to future generations is always an important mission of contemporaries. Of course, in addition to the spiritual, intangible component, such achievements are embodied and in material attributes – clothing, accessories, household items, and the like. The Internet-shop “Traditions” offers Ukrainians only such goods, which one way they can recall the values ​​of their people.

Is it possible to imagine at least one national Ukrainian holiday without embroidery? Of course, no. The embroidered shirt has always been an integral part of the wardrobe of Ukrainian women, men and children. Even in the most eloquent times for the people, when it was necessary to refuse even the most necessary, an embroidered shirt was for everyone. Ukrainian women in embroidery were great craftsmen, since girls started embroidering from an early age. Each girl had several embroidery on the edition for various events. Also, before the wedding, the bride should have embroidered a shirt and for her judge. Then the mothers embroidered shirts for their little children, and later they passed their skills to the younger daughters. Ornaments on Ukrainian embroidery are not just beautiful patterns, they actually encrypt many characters that serve as amulets. But the most valuable thing in embroidery was that the embroider created it with love and sincere care about who should wear it. The combination of the right symbolism and positive energy made embroidery not just an element of clothing, but a kind of mascot. Tradition’s shop offers a wide selection of shirts for embroidery for every taste. We skillfully combine the traditional basis with the elements of our time, which gives us an amazingly beautiful and stylish outfit that suits everyone. A wide range of colors and different styles will allow you to tailor the embroidery to any event and harmoniously fit it into your wardrobe, and the use of high-quality natural materials will provide comfort and convenience.

The “Tradition” store also offers a wide range of church dresses. We have exquisite felony, shirts, subordinates, farmatics, stigar and epitrarch – all the necessary outfits for Orthodox priests and ministers of the church. All clothes are executed with strict observance of the necessary requirements. There is also a full range of colors and ornaments that are used in such an outfit. In addition, we can buy fabrics for individual sewing of church clothes.