Fundraising for the construction of the temple is underway


We collect funds for the construction of a temple in our store, as well as in other locations (read more on FB in our group.)

The whole team of the Tradition team contributes to the implementation of this project.


Below is a brief summary of the parish.

Parish “The Mother of God’s Relentless Help” of the UGCC of Zaporizhzhya

The First Divine Liturgy was performed by the Parish of the parish of. Roman Vovk November 20, 2016 on the right bank of the Dnieper in Zaporozhye.

Our parish felt from the very beginning a great support from our loving Mother. On November 20, 2016, a joyful and memorable event took place in the city of Zaporizhzhia. The pastor, Father Roman Vovk, served the first Divine Liturgy for a newly formed community on the right bank of the Dnieper in the Osipenko district in an old clay hut. With the blessing of Bishop Stepan, the community was dedicated to the “Mother of God’s Restless Assistance”. This is the first community on the right bank of the city of Zaporozhye, which needed its own prayer place, just as faithful had to attend the liturgy in the temple on the left bank, which is more than 10 kilometers. The liturgy took place in the temporary chapel, which was located on the acquired land plot, where it was planned to start construction of the temple and parish catechetical-recollection center in the spring. “In the first many years now, I was awakened today at seven o’clock, not the fifth, to attend the Liturgy,” said one of the parishioners at the end of the Liturgy.

In the hot prayers of the community, which for over 15 years prayed for the structure of the temple, in the beginning of spring 2017 saw the beginning of the structure of the catechetical center (in which we plan to hold catechism, work with youth, re collections and seminars, there are also rooms where it will be possible to accept traveler’s or the person who has no place to live), and parallel preparation for the foundations of the temple.
The parish practiced daily worship, that the prayer meetings of the “Mothers of Prayer” community take place a week, and the days of spiritual rejuvenation which were given by Fr. Yarosla Lis Repeatedly had a parental presence and our ruling Bishop Stepan (Menkok) who, like a good father, was worried and praying with us. It was already the time when our prayer was not in the room but in the open air.On August 20, 2017, a chapel was consecrated in the newly built catechetical retreat center and the first Hierarchical Liturgy was given by Bishop + Stepan (Menkok) CHNI exarch Donetsk. After the Divine Liturgy, Bishop Stepan performed the blessing of the Cross and the cornerstone for the construction of the Temple of the Mother of God’s Restless Assistance

In the parish, each month, a parish bulletin is issued and information on the facebook social network is running

By this link you can see the chronology of the growth of our parish, and the stages of construction

At present, work is underway on the improvement of the territory near the catechetical – rekolektsiytsya center, laying electricity, heating, water supply. The foundation was laid under the temple and a part of the material was paid off, after we could still raise funds for payment of the material and wages to the masters – we will start the structure of the temple! (About $ 30 thousand)